Alex Sveda graduated from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Boston, MA.  Shooting for a wide variety of clients in the midwest, he currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.  Alex travels frequently and his images showcase his fun, fast paced lifestyle.  

select clients include

Target, Men's Health, Redbull, Thrasher Magazine, Transworld Skateboard Magazine, General Mills, Real Skateboards, Strangelove Skateboards, Darkroom Skateboards, Side Effect Goods, Dispatch Magazine, Skatepark of Tampa, Citypages, Vita.MN, Metromix, Moon Goons, Mini Logo Skateboards, Familia Skateshop, Underloud Skateshop, Send Help Skateboards, Volume Skateboards, World Industries Skateboards, Spohn Ranch, Team Pain, Scion, Six Speed, University of Minnesota, Paper Magazine, Uber, Zombie Productions, Afternoon Records